• April 17, 2016

    B*A*M – Beautiful & Massive the new album


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  • 04.08.2018

    Lorch (Rhein)\nRheinstraße 58–58a 65391 Lorch Deutschland

    Tropen Tango Festival

  • 30.06.2018

    Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau\nGeorg-Treu-Platz 2 01067 Dresden Deutschland

    Abschluss Museen Nacht Dresden

  • 18.09.2016

    Taiji-Schule Jena


    "Es gibt das singen und das SINGEN"..... ich freue mich auf euch wir werden die Atem und Gesangstechnik ertasten und die kraftvolle URstimme in jedem von uns anpacken \;-)))

    Samstag von um 10:00 bis 17:00
    Sonntag von um 10:00 bis 16:00

    kosten : 100Euro pro person
    ANMELDUNG bitte direkt bei mir ( verbindlich )

  • 17.09.2016

    Taiji-Schule Jena


    "Es gibt das singen und das SINGEN"..... ich freue mich auf euch wir werden die Atem und Gesangstechnik ertasten und die kraftvolle URstimme in jedem von uns anpacken \;-)))

    Samstag von um 10:00 bis 17:00
    Sonntag von um 10:00 bis 16:00

    kosten : 100Euro pro person
    ANMELDUNG bitte direkt bei mir ( verbindlich )

  • 28.10.2017


    Folk'n'Fusion-Festival Hildesheim

  • 25.08.2017

    Ziegeleistraße 41 31275 Lehrte Deutschland

    Zytanien Festival 2017

    Sa 26. August 00:30 – 02:00 (Freitags zu Samstag)
    Wo: Ziegeleistraße 41 31275 Lehrte
  • 29.06.2017

    Panometer Leipzig Richard-Lehmann-Straße 114 04275 Leipzig Deutschland

    Sommerbühne Leipzig 2017
  • 11.08.2016

    Taucha Deutschland

    Ancient Trance Festival OPENING CONCERT

  • 16.09.2017

    Hafenbar Leipzig Kochstraße 4 04275 Leipzig Deutschland

    Karlibeben 2017 - Hafen Bar

  • 08.01.2017

    Dresden Deutschland

    Staatsschauspiel Dresden - Kleines Haus

    Annuluk + Live Mapping Installation by:
    Monarch Ohne und AERO
    Einlass 19:00
    Beginn: 20:00

    Location: Kleines Haus. Glacisstraße 28 01099 Dresden
  • 19.06.2016


    Bunten Republik Neustadt


Since 2011, singer-songwriter Miša’s variable and expressive voice has circled and spiraled around a complex and multilayered analog-electronic instrumental core; this is the music of Annuluk. Annuluk makes an unusual and intentional abdication, choosing not to use any language in its music: instead releasing Misa to vocalize freely and artfully in a fantastical mystical language. This may initially seem strange and foreign to the listener, but in choosing this form of expression Annuluk challenges their audience to open themselves to the universal connecting spirit of music.

Starting from a root of archaic shamanistic singing, the band members, sensitive to each other’s musical motions, allow the music to evolve smoothly into modern urban rhythms and electronical sounds. Again Annuluk may challenge the listener with unusual changes - while the music may grow in intensity and speed it may also drop in volume, inviting the listener to lean forward and back at the same time. After their Debut “Ushna” (2013) the Global-World-Pop-formation Annuluk from Leizpig/Jena presented their EP “MalaM” a year later. “MalaM” means “night” in Indonesian ”. It describes symbolically the old wish for a necessary worldwide awakening. “MalaM” came out as a double pack with the Remix collection “Metamorphosis”.

Annuluk does not want to reach the listener as a consumer but as a human being. Annuluk wants to encourage the listener to feel free of guilt and take over full responsibility for our life, to meet each other and our world peacefully and with love and respect. We are creators of our material entity and with that comes an enormous responsibility - one which we have to experience consciously. The musical virtuosity of Annuluk does not serve itself - more so it is another tool to create a whole music that is fascinating, appealing, and significant. Annuluk is award winner of the Creole Mitteldeutschland 2013 and was decorated Best Newcomer with the VIA VUT INDIE Award 2014.

Michaela Holubova (Miša)
Roberto Fratta
Alessandro Cerbucci
Dave Sills Toprak
and world-class guest musicians
Beautiful & Massive – The new Annuluk album

At the 24. July 2016 a Global Pop, Electro World Beat-Release is coming in its most modern form. The new album from Annuluk combines analogue instruments from diverse cultures with electronic music and so generates an exciting musical journey to a gripping world of sound in which stylistic fragments melt into one-another, forming many-layered, powerful music. The new album was recorded and mixed by the French team of Roy de Rats in Leipzig. Jürgen Schröder (also editor of Stereoplay and Low Beat magazines) is taking on the mastering. We worked well with them both already on the production of “MalaM”.

The Band:
The core of Annuluk is made up of the charismatic singer Michaela Holubova (Miša) together with the multi-instrumentalists Roberto Fratta and Alessandro Cerbucci. The three sound pioneers explore worlds of sound together which are formed by working creatively in a variety of genres. The musical virtuosity of Annuluk is never self-serving, it is not to show-off or a colourful pot-luck. The trio chooses much more carefully from its comprehensive musical tool-box to support the compositions most fittingly in their fascinating effect.

In the meantime word has gotten round: Annuluk have earned a name for themselves in the area of World Beat as well as in the electronic music scene. They were already the winners of the Creole Music Competition in Middle Germany and were awarded the open-genre prize, the VIA Indie Award for best newcomer at the Berlin Music Week by the VUT in 2014. Their concert tours have taken them as far as Malaysia (Penang World Music Festival). With their special affinity to high-quality recording (Annuluk record at 88.2 kHz, double the standard for CDs) and the use of high-end technology has won the band endorsement from Wireworld Cable, a producer of high quality audio cables as well as the honour of being used for the sound reference settings for equipment tests in industry journals including Stereoplay and Lowbeats. Annuluk’s high-quality production has given them an audiophile audience apart from its pop audience.
The creative trio also regularly invite musical guests into the studio and sometimes onto the stage for the realisation of their music. Also new is the cellist Dave Sills whose “classical” sound will enrich the new album.
The special mix of hand made and synthetic sounds allows it to come under the term Global Pop but it is maybe better described by the statement: When Björk one day retires, Annuluk will be at the forefront, carrying the banner of avant garde pop music.
Label: Kick the Flame
Release Date: July 25 ( Broken Silence )

After her much-publicized and critical acclaim heaped on debut album " Ushna " sets the Leipzig- Jena Global World Pop lineup Annuluk one years now later their second album " MalaM " before ." MalaM " appears as a double pack with the bonus CD "Metamorphosis " . While MalaM contains six brand new songs , including the Supplement CD "Metamorphosis " along with four remixes, as early as February Vinyl -EP verschienen , three other previously unreleased remixes. With their new release " MalaM " Annuluk go a step further Ushna "was an archaic world musical journey ,backed by electronic , urban beats from a wide variety of Soundscapes drew . In " Malam " compress and accelerate this Elements in a music with strong oriental influences and danceable Grooves .

" MalaM " means Indonesian "night" and rewrites symbolic of the old Request for a necessary global awakening. The deliberate renunciation to to use a language or the free , artistic singing in Misa Fantasy language like the listener at first seem strange alien : But with the choice of this expression form asks only Annuluk again the audience to be surrender to the universal connective character of the music .

A socially critical Embassy would like the piece " Hayal Kirikliği " represent , in the Samples known politicians and peace activists as Evocations are heard - the peaceful and destructive extremes, expressing the dominant forces in the world .

With the bonus CD " Metarmophosis " appear for the first time equal to seven Remixes of the first album " Ushna " by renowned national and international DJs and producers. The idea to publish remixes of Annuluk songs was named in honor of the record in February 2014 as a vinyl EP of the same name realized. The bonus CD is now available on popular demand, three more remixes of Drum Panic, Giugliano Pagliaroli and Alex Cerb . "Metamorphosis " can be regarded as an impressive example of which Potential for creating the music of Annuluk own creative leeway in itself entails . The musical virtuosity of Annuluk never serves the end in itself. Rather, it is just another tool to the songs fascinating in their To support action that they own . Not for nothing qualified Annuluk as a finalist in the World Creole Music Festival 2014. With " Malam " succeeds Annuluk in fact a further milestone towards combines real global pop tradition and modernity at the highest level and thus creates something entirely new.
Annluk's debut album "Ushna" makes a big point of playing with contrasting elements. Through the sheer verve created by the musical tension between the shrill buzz of an Indian shrutibox and electronic sampling, between Westafrican polyrhythms, flamenco and jazz, throbbing distorted dub beats and the magical voice of lead singer Mi_a, the band Annuluk has made one of the most poetic and thrilling debut albums of the year. The album "Ushna" will be available from the 12th of April on Kick The Flame (Broken Silence).

The whole mindset of the music is the coming together of primeval spirituality and the technologically advanced present with lead singer Mi_a at the core.
Her voice playfully fuses all kinds of emotional territory be it flirtatiousness, motherly love, an intimate closeness, a distant unruliness or excited anticipation.
The songs on Ushna, written mainly by Mi_a, take you on a trip to where Mari Boine and the Voix Bulgares hold ice cream hands with the urban hymns of Massive Attack and Björk.
She sings in a language of her own which she calls "the language of her soul" and its spectrum reaches from gentle cooing to ecstatic screaming and is open to all kinds of spiritual assocciations which is both extremely captivating and mesmerizing.

The ancient shamanic chanting, the modern urban rhythms, the electronic elements and the diverse musical styles that twist and turn to the magical voice of Mi_a is why Annuluks sound is a mystical and spiritual journey that takes you back and forth in time and space. This accomplishment is what makes Annuluks debut so important and so very exciting.


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